‘175 divers’ starts production in Iran
السبت 19 سبتمبر 2015 07:07

Iran has started production on a movie about the lives of 175 military divers whose bodies were recently recovered some 30 years after the eight-year-long imposed war with Iraq.

‘175 Divers’ will present a detailed portrayal of Operation Karbala-4 and the sacrifices made by Iranian troops to defend their country, said the film’s producer, Mohammad Azadi-Mehrabani.

“Sana Sadeqi has written the screenplay for the film and Sa'eed Chari will direct it,” Azadi-Mehrabani said, adding that shooting will start in early October.

In May, the bodies of the 175 Iranian military divers were recovered along with those of 95 other martyrs.

Some of the retrieved bodies had their hands tied and bore no scars, indicating that the former Iraqi Ba’ath regime buried them alive.

In late December 1986, Iran launched Operation Karbala-4 under the cover of darkness.

The mission was meant to give Iranian forces a foothold along the Arvand Roud waterway in the country's southwest. The Iranian troops would then go on the offensive once across the waterway, and move onto the Iraqi port city of Basra.

However, the operation did not go as planned, as the deposed Iraqi Ba’ath regime was notified of Operation Karbala-4 mainly through US intelligence operatives.

Supported by regional and international powers, the Saddam regime invaded Iran via land and air in September 1980. The eight-year imposed war claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Despite Iraq’s war on Iran during the Saddam era, both countries now enjoy great political, cultural and religious ties.

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