Entezami, Ezzatollah (born June 21, 1924, Tehran)
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Veteran Iranian actor Ezzatollah Entezami started his career on stage in 1941 and graduated from a theater and cinema school in Hanover, Germany, in 1958.

Upon his return to Iran, he became a voice and television actor.

His debut performance was in Dariush Mehrjooyi’s ‘The Cow’ (1969), which received a Golden Hugo from the Chicago International Film Festival in 1971.

He has received two Fajr International Film Festival’s Crystal Simorghs for Best Actor for ‘Grand Cinema’ (1988) and ‘Angel’s Day’ (1993).

Entezami also received a certificate of Merit from the Fajr Festival for ‘Nassereddin Shah Film Actor’ (1991).

He has acted in movies, including 'Mr. Simpleton' (1970), 'The Postman' (1972), 'Sattarkhan' (1973), 'Hereafter' (1976), 'Kamal-ol-Molk' (1983), 'Suitcase' (1985), 'The Tenants' (1986), 'Jafar Khan Returns from Abroad' (1987), 'In the Storm's Path' (1988), 'The Angelica' (1988), 'Hamoon' (1989), 'Shadow of Illusion' (1990), 'The Empty House' (1991), 'The Fateful Day' (1994), 'Blue Scarf' (1994), 'A Place to Live' (2003), 'The Verdict' (2005), 'Colors of Memory' (2006), 'Night' (2007), 'Homeland' (2008), 'Maritime Silk Road' (2010), and 'Being 40' (2009).

He has also appeared in series, such as 'Hezar Dastan' (1979-1987), 'Life' (1994), and 'The Trial' (1998-1999).

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