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  • A Message from the Afterlife
    An aging businessman under a load of debt decides to get rid of all his problems by planning the unthinkable. But as he launches his evil plan, he realizes everything isn’t as easy as he’d thought. Follow the story of Mansour Shimkhah and his sons in A Message from the Afterlife.
  • Solace of the Heart
    Rana has been searching for her missing daughter for 24 years, until she receives a call from a woman named Yalda who claims to be holding her daughter's necklace. At first everyone thinks that Yalda might be the missing girl, but they gradually realize that there are mysteries about her past that could threaten to destroy many of the family’s relationships.
  • All My Family
    The series is about two families' Nowruz holiday in an old and historical house in Kashan. Lotfollah Khan Farshchian, the owner of the house, is a sick and old but wealthy and respected man who has a hand in charity events and based on a pledge he signed forty years ago he's promised to donate half of his properties to an orphanage that his old friend, Haj Karim Golabchian, had established many years ago. But as soon as the news is announced it raises hell between two family members. Shapoor Khan, Lotfollah Khan's son-in-law, sees the pledge as a threat to himself, but Salar Khan, Haj Karim's son-in-law, seeks his gains when the pledge finally gets processed and him exploiting that opportunity! The members of the two families would do anything in their power to pave their own roads and to get what they think is best for them, but...
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All My Family
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  • 20:00:00A Message from the Afterlife
  • 21:00:00Solace of the Heart
  • 22:00:00The Pact
  • 23:00:00The Pact

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  • The Pact
    Mansour, a newspaper photographer, is looking for Ahmad Ebrahim, an Iraqi soldier he met in the war who saved his life so he takes part in a television interview to show the nation the only picture he has of them together. After the third broadcast, an Iraqi family turns up at the newspaper office where he and his wife Pouran work, claiming to be Ahmad Ebrahim's and that they too are looking for him. On his wife's request, Mansour prints a family photograph with a report in their newspaper and another Iraqi woman turns up at the office with photographs of him and herself, claiming to be Ebrahim's wife. So where is Ahmad Ebrahim and who does he belong to?
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