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  • Made in Iran
    An Iranian scientist has come up with an invention that could change the world – a white powder that purifies any type of water and converts it into clean fuel. A two-bit thief named Gholam steals his briefcase containing the white powder and a laptop with the formula for it, and on the run from the cops, leaves Iran with a forged passport as the scientist. He goes to France and meets up with his childhood buddy, and the two of them scheme to sell the invention and make a lot of cash.
  • The Daughters of Eve
    The Daughters of Eve is a series which revolves around three families, all of which have a daughter; supposedly these three baby girls were switched at birth in a hospital. Due to the guilty conscience of the nurse responsible for this swap, over twenty five years later she confesses to a social worker and begs her to tell the families and relieve her of some of the guilt before she dies. After the families are told, the three girls are then returned to their real mothers and fathers and interesting events follow. As the story continues we see deep secrets unfold and criminal activities escalate in order to cover up a series of fraudulent schemes, breaches of trust and even murder.
  • The Children Are Watching
    The Children Are Watching is a comedy about a traditional Iranian man named Taher and his family, including his four daughters and their spouses, who are all living in the same building. Taher has a rocky relationship with his sister who wants to win back some of the control given to Taher in managing the family restaurant. The series highlights the similarities and differences between the younger and older generations on the one hand, and the ups and downs of relations between men and women on the other.
  • The First Night of Peace
    Nooshin is madly in love with Ali-Reza. But there's just one problem. Ali-Reza is engaged to be married to Nooshin's best friend Azar. And there's another twist. Azar was previously engaged to be married to Nooshin's brother Farzad, who abandoned her years ago when he left to study abroad. Desperate to get what she wants, Nooshin manipulates Azar to leave Ali-Reza at the alter and wait for Farzad, who she's convinced to come back to Iran. Making matters even more complicated is Payman, who's been serving Nooshin's wealthy family since he was a child, and is in love with Nooshin.
  • Building No.85
    Building no. 85 directed by Mehdi Fakhmizadeh revolves around a notorious group of criminals living peacefully in the building, who surprisingly find themselves in danger when a skeleton is found inside the wall of the parking lot. The investigator and residents of the building are constantly baffled as an outrageous mystery unfolds.
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  • 06:00:00Made in Iran
  • 07:00:00The Daughters of Eve
  • 08:00:00The Children Are Watching
  • 09:00:00The First Night of Peace

Weekend Movies

  • Transit Cafe
    Reyhan is an independent-minded woman who’s recently lost her husband. Because of local traditions, she’s being pressured to marry her late husband’s brother. When she refuses and starts up a business running her late husband’s café, she’s met with staunch resistance from his family, but she doesn’t give up and is determined to earn a decent living for herself and her children.
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