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  • Fall of an Angel
    A devoutly religious middle aged man marries the widow of his long-time friend. They both have daughters the same age, but whereas one of them strives to lead a pious life, the other is more inclined towards worldly temptations. Along comes a mysterious young man with an unknown agenda who manages to tempt one of the young ladies astray, causing heartache and trouble for the family.
  • The Times
    When Behzad lost his dad as a young child, his uncle stepped in and gave him and his family everything they needed and has been like a father to him. Now Behzad is all grown up and running his own company, but when he starts looking into the circumstances of his father’s death twenty years ago, new information comes to light which threatens to tear the family apart.
  • Goodbye Child
    Leila and Morteza are a young married couple eager to start a family, but no matter what they do, they can’t have a child of their own. Out of desperation, they decide they’ll do whatever it takes to have a baby, even if it isn’t theirs, but will they go too far?
  • Zero Degree Turn
    A young man travels from Tehran to Paris to study abroad. At the university, he meets and falls in love with a young Jewish woman. But when World War Two breaks out, he's forced to return home, and helps smuggle the woman and her mother back to Iran with him to get away from the Nazis who've occupied France. With Iran itself occupied by imperial powers, the young man helps launch a newspaper focused on preserving and promoting the country's heritage and culture, as political intrigues threaten to destroy everything he holds dear.
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  • 18:00:00Fall of an Angel
  • 19:00:00The Times
  • 20:00:00Goodbye Child
  • 21:00:00Zero Degree Turn

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  • The Killer
    ,Hamid whose fiancee Roya has been accused of murder visits an old friend who is a forensic psychiatrist. He asks his friend to prove her insanity in order for her to make an insanity plea. However as the doctor learns more about Roya's psychological disorders, he becomes convinced that she is in fact innocent.
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