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  • Lost
    Maryam works at the Iranian Red Crescent Society. She helps people who are looking for their loved ones in Iran and abroad. While she’s only a simple employee, her curiosity causes her to do more than what her job requires, and along the way, she uncovers secrets people have been hiding for years, but all the while, she and her husband have been hiding the greatest secret of all.
  • Where to in Such a Hurry?
    Hatef has had a grudge against his brother-in-law, the wealthy Fereydoun, for a long time. Years ago when he was working for Fereydoun, Hatef managed to convince his family to allow the old widower to marry his sister even though she was half his age. Now that Hatef's father has passed away, it brings the family back together. But it also rekindles old wounds. And it creates another problem for Hatef, whose son is infatuated with Fereydoun's wealth and success, and wants to work for him despite his father’s will.
  • Remembrance
    Remembrance tells the stories of several different characters which are linked together as the series unfolds. The story opens as Ali, one of the main characters, faces the gallows for unpremeditated murder. Despite being hanged, he comes back to life and meets others who’ve gone through the same experience; being given a second chance to correct the mistakes they’ve made during their lives and also helping others along the way.
  • Day of Envy
    Masoud marries a second woman named Farideh after an accident leaves his first wife paralyzed. But Masoud has one condition for his second wife and that is keeping their marriage hidden as long as his first wife is alive. At first, Farideh reluctantly accepts the condition, but then she changes her mind. How long can Masoud keep up his double life? Will everything fall apart or will he be able to manage the situation?
  • The Recluse
    Narges Badran passes away after suffering an illness. Her relatives do not let Hoda, her daughter who lives abroad, get informed about the demise. Hoda arrives in Iran when everybody is getting ready for the funeral of her mother and asks the relatives to take her to the tomb of Narges.
  • The Innocent Ones
    Long ago, three young men robbed a bank together, but when the plan went wrong, one of them ended up dead, another in prison, and the third one ran away. After 25 years, the fugitive comes back to Iran to make up for his past sins, but compensation has its own costs.
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The Recluse
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