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  • The Chef
    A happily married couple runs one of the most successful restaurants in Tehran. He's the head chef and she's the manager. But when she goes on television and starts singing her own praises without also acknowledging her husband's efforts, he takes offence and leaves the restaurant. What starts out as a small argument keeps escalating until it threatens to tear their family apart.
  • Medical Building
    Nima is a psychologist who got his degree online from a university in Africa. He rents an office in a medical building where his colleagues don’t accept him as a real doctor. Even the building’s janitor doesn’t respect him. His current wife, who’s a former patient of his, is obsessively jealous of the fact that his ex-wife works in the same medical building as a psychiatrist. Not exactly an ideal life, and the trials and tribulations he has to deal with often lead to hilarity.
  • Hodhod Bookstore
    Keyvan’s father has just passed away, leaving him the Hodhod bookstore. Meanwhile, Keyvan’s brother-in-law, Mansoor, has a struggling company and is thinking of buying Keyvan’s share of the bookstore and turning it into a fast food place. Against his will, Keyvan agrees to the deal for the sake of his sister. He then meets Gholam, a bus driver, who suggests they turn his old bus into a traveling bookstore or as they later call it a ‘book-bus’. Keyvan agrees. The ‘book-bus’ travels to a different part of Tehran in every episode, leading to bitter-sweet events as Keyvan and Gholam meet different people and help solve their problems with books.
  • Bewilderment
    Bewilderment is the story of the turbulent journey of families torn apart by lies, betrayal and enmity. Atefeh is a doctor who’s trying to bounce-back from a divorce, when Poulad, a man who was raised in Paris returns to Iran, suddenly finding himself in search of his real family. Their intertwined fate leads them to unimaginable truths after they knock down numerous obstacles, and against all odds, forgiveness, hope and love prevail and conquer all.
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  • 19:00:00The Chef
  • 20:00:00Medical Building
  • 21:00:00Hodhod Bookstore
  • 22:00:00Milk and Honey

Weekend Movies

  • Milk and Honey
    Peyman is a downtown kid who tries to support his mother and sister any which way he can. He tries selling corn on the cob, but the council soon puts a stop to that. He get's mixed up with a bad crowd and while botching his first job for them, comes upon a unique opportunity to make a fast buck out of a rich family...
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