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  • No. 1, Tehran
    The comic series 'No. 1, Tehran', is set in a multi-floored apartment building, portraying the daily lives of residents from differing social classes, and sometimes with extremely opposing views and lifestyles. Despite all the tensions which arise from rudimentary problems of modern-day apartment life, the neighbors learn how to co-exist and enjoy what they have in common.
  • Matador
    The representative of the European Union is planning a visit Iran; a visit meant to boost relations with Tehran. Major Hamed and his special unit are tasked with preventing any instability and insecurity in the country during the senior official’s trip. But soon they realize they’re dealing with a terror network that’s actually planning the assassination of the EU representative during his stay in Iran.
  • Hodhod Bookstore
    Keyvan’s father has just passed away, leaving him and his brother Mansoor the ownership of the Hodhod bookstore. Meanwhile, Mansoor has a struggling company and is thinking of buying Keyvan’s share of the bookstore and turning it into a fast food place. Against his will, Keyvan agrees to the deal for the sake of his sister. He then meets Gholam, a bus driver, who suggests they turn his old bus into a traveling bookstore or as they later call it a ‘book-bus’. Keyvan agrees. The ‘book-bus’ travels to a different part of Tehran in every episode, leading to bitter-sweet events as Keyvan and Gholam meet different people and help solve their problems through books.
  • The Times
    When Behzad lost his dad as a young child, his uncle stepped in and provided everything for him and his family. The uncle has played the role of a father to him. Now Behzad is all grown up and runs his own company. When he starts looking into the circumstances of his father’s death twenty years ago, new information comes to light which threatens to tear the family apart.
  • Awakening
    Sina is a rich boy who against his family’s will goes to northern Iran in order to propose to Torang. She is in love too and her uncle marries them in an informal little ceremony. Torang goes to Tehran with her husband and begins her life with him, but there is a secret in her new family. Yet, her life gets worse when her husband dies and she is left with no legal proof that she’s married and expecting a baby.
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