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  • A House without a Bird
    For thirty years, Abbas and his wife have been looking for their daughter who they lost during the war. When they take out a new ad for a missing person in the newspaper, a young lady shows up claiming to be their long-lost daughter. A DNA test confirms that she is indeed Abbas’s daughter, bringing joy to their lives. But the new discovery also threatens to reveal a deep dark secret that Abbas has been hiding all these years which could tear their family apart.
  • Neighbors
    An elderly man who's been living abroad for years returns to Tehran to what he's been assured is his empty house. But when he gets there he sees the building is anything but empty, as several families are living there. Instead of kicking the families out, he grows fond of them and decides to move in, immersing himself in the adventures, joys and sometimes sorrows of their charming lives.
  • The Sound of Rain
    Taha’s a successful businessman and a widower living with his five year old daughter. On a business trip to Turkey, he gets framed for smuggling drugs and sentenced to life in prison, so he entrusts everything he’s got, including his daughter, to his nephew. After twenty years, Taha gets released and comes back home, but things aren’t exactly as he’d left them, and he soon realizes he may have put his trust in the wrong people.
  • Chimney
    Effat and Firooz are living at the carpet cleaning center they own. Firooz’s sister has gotten married to Effat’s brother and the two guys just can’t get along with each other. Both families are constantly in need of money to deal with their problems, but whenever problems arise, they always manage to find a way to come together to overcome them.
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Spaghetti in 8 Minutes
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  • 11:00:00Spaghetti in 8 Minutes
  • 12:00:00A House without a Bird
  • 13:00:00Neighbors
  • 14:00:00The Sound of Rain

Weekend Movies

  • Sour Lemon
    Behrooz, who’s recently been fired from his workplace, finds a job caring for an elderly gentleman called Mozafar Khan. When Behrooz is forced to introduce Mozafar Khan to his brother-in-law Siavash, his world turns upside down. Siavash thinks Mozafar Khan is too lonely and has to get married. He decides to introduce the rich old man to his aunt, but that’s when Mozafar Khan meets Behrooz’s mother…
  • She wasn't to blame at all
    Solving a murder case is not always easy, especially when it’s connected to the honor, dignity and virtue of a family. Major Goodarzi, together with his colleagues investigate two murder cases and interrogate almost everyone they suspect could’ve committed the crimes. Yet they keep on hitting closed doors as they move along. Will they succeed?
  • Nose
    Pari is a young, hardworking girl who’s having a hard time dealing with the most eye catching feature of her face, her nose. Being turned down by arranged suitors, dealing with her very strict family and finding a job are the problems she has to go through in order to have the money to get a nose job, which she thinks will change her life forever.
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