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  • Rooster
    Esmail is an aspiring director but he’s never been able to get the funds together to make his movie. He’s also got a father who’s stuck in the hospital because they don’t have the money to pay his medical bills. While Esmail struggles to find a way to get the money, his friend Kamran stumbles into an opportunity that might solve all their problems, but it might also get them into more trouble than they can handle.
  • Gharib’s World
    Gharib’s World is a look at the life and times of Doctor Mohammad Gharib, from the time he was born to the very end of his life. Sick, on a hospital bed, Doctor Gharib takes us back to his childhood, youth and later years. While doing so, he gives us an insight about Iran’s political and economic situation at the time.
  • Medical Building
    Nima is a psychologist who got his degree online from a university in Africa. He rents an office in a medical building where his colleagues don’t accept him as a real doctor. Even the building’s janitor doesn’t respect him. His current wife, who’s a former patient of his, is obsessively jealous of the fact that his ex-wife works in the same medical building as a psychiatrist. Not exactly an ideal life, and the trials and tribulations he has to deal with often lead to hilarity.
  • The Patriarch
    Assadollah is old school. He controls his family with an iron fist and his word is law. Nobody dares challenge him or talk back. He doesn't let any of his children out of his sight, even after they're married and have their own kids. They're all one big family and all his sons are living in his house with their wives and children. Now it's time for his youngest son to get married, but there's just one problem. His bride doesn't want to live in Assadollah's house, and she refuses to let the old man or anyone else tell her what to do.
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Medical Building
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  • Paeezan
    A husband and wife, who’s marriage is on the rocks, set out for the north to see the wife’s father who is on his death bed. On the way they try to save a guy who's been in a car accident. But the stranger turns out to be a desperate man with a gun.
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