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  • I’m a Tenant
    An old lady who owns an apartment complex decides to rent it to several young couples who she is led to believe are calm, quiet, and harmless. But when her “harmless” tenants eventually arrive and settle down, she realizes that she's gotten more than she bargained for.
  • Lost
    Maryam works at the Iranian Red Crescent Society. She helps people who are looking for their loved ones in Iran and abroad. While she’s only a simple employee, her curiosity causes her to do more than what her job requires, and along the way, she uncovers secrets people have been hiding for years, but all the while, she and her husband have been hiding the greatest secret of all.
  • 3x4
    A hilarious comedy series about Rahman and Siroos, two brothers-in-law who decide to open a cleaning company to make ends meet and pay for their children’s university tuition. Little do they know, they soon find themselves caught in various problems some which, are somewhat impossible to solve.
  • The Times
    When Behzad lost his dad as a young child, his uncle stepped in and gave him and his family everything they needed and has been like a father to him. Now Behzad is all grown up and running his own company, but when he starts looking into the circumstances of his father’s death twenty years ago, new information comes to light which threatens to tear the family apart.
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The Times
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  • 14:00:00I’m a Tenant
  • 15:00:00Lost
  • 16:00:00Greed
  • 17:00:00Greed

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  • Strange Sisters
    Nasrin lives with her single mother. Whenever she asks about her father, she's told that he suddenly went abroad and never came back. Nargess lives with her single father. Whenever she asks about her mother, she's told that she suddenly went abroad and never came back. The two girls meet in a chance encounter and realize that they're twin sisters and they've been lied to about their parents. Their father is engaged to get married to another woman, but Nargess can't stand her. The two girls switch places in a scheme to break up their father's engagement and get their parents back together.
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