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  • The Sixth Person
    'The Sixth Person' is set during the late 70s leading up to the Islamic Revolution in and the struggles of the revolutionaries to further their cause and their dealings with the SAVAK, the Shah's dreaded secret police who will stop at nothing to uncover the whereabouts of members of the revolutionary group
  • A Message from the Afterlife
    An aging businessman under a load of debt decides to get rid of all his problems by planning the unthinkable. But as he launches his evil plan, he realizes everything isn’t as easy as he’d thought. Follow the story of Mansour Shimkhah and his sons in A Message from the Afterlife.
  • If My Dad Were Alive
    Teymoor has been in prison for two years. Now he's being released and is hoping to go back to his wife and settle down, but all hell breaks loose when he finds out his mother has married someone else during his absence and has a baby!!
  • Tell the Truth
    A group of psychology students, with different creeds and backgrounds, come together to form a group inspired by an anonymous person who tells them to tell the truth, and encourage honestly. Everything seems wonderful at first, but things start to go wrong when some of the members decide they want more out of the venture.
  • Prophet Joseph
    Prophet Joseph is dear to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. For centuries the story of his life has been told over and over in many different ways and in many different languages. This the Iranian version of a very beloved story.
  • Stairway to Heaven
    This is the story of Jamshid Kashani, one of the most brilliant minds in history. The renowned 15th century Iranian astronomer managed to make incredible scientific advances as he lived during the tumultuous times of Timur’s Mongol invasion.
  • Passenger from India
    Ramin has travelled from Iran to India in pursuit of his studies. While there, he meets and falls in love with an Indian girl named Sita. Even though her family is opposed to the relationship, they get engaged and he whisks her away to Tehran. Thinking they’ve run away from their problems, they soon realize that their problems have just begun.
  • Day of Envy
    After an accident leaves his wife paralyzed, Mas’ood marries a second woman named Farideh. But he has one condition, that she keeps their marriage a secret as long as Mas’ood’s first wife is alive. Farideh grudgingly accepts, but now she’s having second thoughts and isn’t happy at all with the arrangement. Will Mas’ood be able to keep up his double life for much longer, or will everything fall apart?
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Stairway to Heaven
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  • 16:00:00The Sixth Person
  • 17:00:00A Message from the Afterlife
  • 18:00:00If My Dad Were Alive
  • 19:00:00Tell the Truth

Weekend Movies

  • Naghme
    Shiva is a literature student, researching about mythical love. She spends most of her days looking for a couple that can help her with her research when she meets Mahmood, a wounded war veteran who wants to divorce his wife before he passes away. When she snoops around a bit more, she discovers she’s found the appropriate subject…
  • Mr. Lucky
    Abbas the barber is in love and wants to get married. But there’s just one problem. The girl’s father will only give his daughter to Abbas if he can prove that he can provide for her financially. And the only way he can do that is to get his official barber’s license. While Abbas scrambles around to get his act together, the father just might give his daughter away to someone he thinks is a more suitable suitor.
  • Mortal
    Ahoo wants to marry Ali who’s an airline pilot. Her father doesn’t approve because he says Ali’s job is dangerous. Regardless of her father’s reservations, the two go ahead and make preparations for their wedding. But when Ali gets diagnosed with a terminal illness, it brings all their plans come crashing down – or does it?
  • Baran
    This award-winning motion picture tells the story of Afghan refugees living in Iran. It revolves around Latif, a construction site worker who serves food for his colleagues and Rahmat, a young boy who comes to the site to replace his father as a laborer. When the foreman at the site decides to switch the jobs between Rahmat and Latif, things get ugly. But Latif soon finds out a secret Rahmat’s been keeping, and instead decides to do some good for a change. Don’t miss ‘Baran’ a film by one of Iran’s greatest movie makers, Majid Majidi.
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