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  • On the Way to Zayandeh Rood
    Mehran is an up and coming football player fast becoming a star. He's just been announced as one of the players on the national team, and has gone to Isfahan to negotiate with one of the teams there. When his name is removed from the list on the website of Iran's national football team, he becomes enraged. It is in this state of mind that he gets into an accident, argues with the other driver, and ends up striking the young man in the head and killing him. He winds up in jail with his life on the line. His mother is desperately running around doing everything she can think of to get the consent of the victim's family to have her son released. But the victim's father is a bitter old man who seems to have other plans for Mehran and his mother.
  • In the Eye of the Storm
    In the Eye of the Storm spans the period of history between the revolutionary movement begun by Iran's national hero Mirza Koochak Khan in the early twentieth century, to the freedom of Khoramshahr during the eight year war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s. The story is told through the trials and tribulations, love and relationships, of one family.
  • The Sixth Person
    'The Sixth Person' is set during the late 70s leading up to the Islamic Revolution in and the struggles of the revolutionaries to further their cause and their dealings with the SAVAK, the Shah's dreaded secret police who will stop at nothing to uncover the whereabouts of members of the revolutionary group
  • Truth Revealed
    This series revolves around a confused father and factory owner, who surprises his family by saying he had another wife once upon a time that he wants to find. His uncle insists he’s deranged, as does his son, but his daughter isn’t so sure. The events that unfold reveal the truth behind a man’s obsession and his family’s reaction to it.
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Truth Revealed
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  • 10:00:00The White Pawn
  • 11:00:00The White Pawn
  • 12:00:00On the Way to Zayandeh Rood
  • 13:00:00In the Eye of the Storm

Weekend Movies

  • Sleepless
    Maryam and Vahid are engaged and hoping to live happily ever after, but they are also revolutionaries prepared to sacrifice their future for their country. One day Vahid disappears. Maryam finds out her cousin, former suitor and Savak member is involved, and decides to make him pay.
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