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  • The Gradual Death of a Dream
    Maral is a young aspiring author and Hamed a publisher and university professor. They fell in love and married but they're is a rift between them. Maral's sister Sanaz, a divorcee and alcoholic, takes advantage of her sister's talent and rocky relationship to leave Iran, but will the dream of greener grass in pastures new, survive the journey?
  • Remembrance
    Remembrance tells the stories of several different characters which are linked together as the series unfolds. The story opens as Ali, one of the main characters, faces the gallows for unpremeditated murder. Despite being hanged, he comes back to life and meets others who’ve gone through the same experience; being given a second chance to correct the mistakes they’ve made during their lives and also helping others along the way.
  • Cops and Robbers
    Nasser has taken a blow to the head while being chased by the police. He's woken up in a strange house with strange people looking after him. They seem to know him but he doesn't know them. In this action packed comedy Nasser adapts to a world that seems foreign to him in every way, only to find it isn't his world at all.
  • Five Kilometers From Heaven
    Amir Hossein is a devout young man working in the company of the man who’s been like a father to him. When the company is robbed and Amir Hossein goes missing, everyone thinks it’s his doing. He’s in real trouble, and the only one who could save him is the daughter of the man he works for, but will she be able to find him before it’s too late?,
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Five Kilometers From Heaven
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  • 21:00:00The Gradual Death of a Dream
  • 22:00:00Afghan Bride
  • 23:00:00Afghan Bride
  • 00:00:00Remembrance

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  • Afghan Bride
    A young Afghan man called Gol-Mohammad is desperately in love with a young lady, but he does not have the money tradition obliges him to give his father-in-law for her hand. To make the money he goes to Pakistan for work. When he returns he is given terrible news, but things don’t end there.
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