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  • The Window
    Pouya, is an extremely talented student who’s preparing for a major international math competition. However, the loss of his only brother deals him a big blow. Down and disappointed, he makes friends with Afshin, a drug addict. That turns into a source of tension between Pouya and his parents. On the other hand, Fariborz, the villain of the story, is pushing for Pouya’s downfall because he thinks Pouya revealed his fraud at his father’s company and caused his dismissal. Fariborz decides to retaliate. He uses everything at his disposal to tarnish Pouya’s image, taking advantage of Afshin’s drug abuse.
  • Prophet Joseph
    Prophet Jacob guides the Israelites to pray to the One and Only God. God annunciates to him about the next prophet, who will be from his own generation. One night, his son, Joseph, dreams about the sun, the moon and eleven stars which kneel in front of him. He tells Jacob, who advises him not to tell his brothers about the dream. Prophet Joseph is dear to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. For centuries, the story of his life has been told over and over in many different ways and in many different languages. This is the Iranian version of a very beloved story.
  • Shams-ol-Emareh
    When Leila’s father passes away, he leaves her quite an inheritance. Her inheritance involves a family mansion which is called Shams-ol-Emareh. But there is one condition for her to receive the mansion and that is her marriage. That might not be a problem for most other girls, but Leila has always presented herself as an independent woman with no interest in ever getting married. Now she is faced with a tough choice. Will she forego everything she believes in so she can get the inheritance, or will she stick to her guns and remain single?
  • A Frame of Mementos
    A stone's throw away from Imam Reza's shrine in Mashhad, there stands a hotel where many travelers have weird and wonderful experiences, returning home with renewed faith and a photograph taken at Mr. Razi's shop. For some prayers are answered, sometimes lessons are learnt and for others, wounds are healed.
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A Frame of Mementos
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  • The Man and the Road
    When Maqsood, a truck driver working on a remote road, stops to help a stranger whose car is broken, it turns out that he’s not a stranger at all. The encounter opens up old wounds and brings back memories of failed lives and broken dreams. Now Maqsood sees a chance to make wrongs right and ask for answers.
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