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  • Medical Building
    Nima is a psychologist who got his degree online from a university in Africa. He rents an office in a medical building where his colleagues don’t accept him as a real doctor. His current wife, who’s his former patient, is obsessively jealous of the fact that his ex-wife works in the same medical building as a psychiatrist. ‘Medical Building’ narrates the story of Nima’s everyday life and the challenges that he faces at home and in his office.
  • Bewilderment
    Bewilderment is the story of the turbulent journey of families torn apart by lies, betrayal and enmity. Atefeh is a doctor who’s trying to bounce-back from a divorce. Poulad, a man who was raised in Paris, returns to Iran and suddenly finds himself in search of his real family. Their fate leads them to unimaginable truths after they knock down numerous obstacles, and against all odds, forgiveness, hope and love prevail and conquer all.
  • Gharib’s World
    ‘Gharib’s World’ has a look at the life and times of Doctor Mohammad Gharib, from the time he was born to the very end of his life. The doctor was a famous pediatrician who is known as founder of pediatric practice in Iran and established a specialized hospital to cure children. Sick, on a hospital bed, Doctor Gharib takes us back to his childhood, youth and later years. While doing so, he gives us an insight about Iran’s political and economic situation at the time.
  • After the Rain
    ‘After the Rain’ narrates the story of serfdom during a time in Iran’s history. A couple is killed in an accident, but their children believe that foul play was involved. They try to find out more about their family and discover the reason for their parents’ death by reviewing the diary of their grandmother, Shahrbanou.
  • Mehrabad
    Mehrabad tells a story of the butterfly effect of a single man's actions on a different variety of people that he didn't even know of. Kia comes back to Iran after twelve years of being abroad and his problems begin right there at the airport when he realizes his ex-wife has filed a complaint against him and he cannot leave the country. But little does he know, he is going to get in an accident that same day in the city that will change his and so many others' lives forever. He tries to get a hang of the situation but in vain! Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, Kia decides to fix everybody's problems, which he is responsible for, in his own way! But will he be able to bear this heavy burden on his own? You have to see that for yourselves...
  • The Gradual Death of a Dream
    Maral is a young aspiring author and Hamed is a publisher and university professor. They fell in love and got married, but there is a large gap between them. Maral’s sister, Sanaz who is a divorcee alcoholic, takes advantage of her sister’s talent and the rocky relationship to leave Iran. But will the dream of greener grass in new pastures, survive the journey?
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The Gradual Death of a Dream
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