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  • The Innocent Ones
    Three young men rob a bank together, but when the plan goes awry, one of them ends up dead, another in prison, and the third runs away. Now after 25 years, the fugitive has come back to Iran to make up for his past sins.
  • Until Being With Sorayya
    Until Being With Sorayya is the story of a woman, Sorayya who lost her husband fifteen years ago. She works at a hospital where she nurses one of her patients, a retired colonel, back to health and marries him in secret. Sorayya is convinced into giving the colonel’s son money in return for a monthly share of the profit he makes; unaware of the fact that the money will soon turn her dearest into her enemies.
  • Mankind’s Land
    They say doctors have to be better than ordinary people, they have to be supermen and superwomen, who can leave their troubles outside the hospital. In Mankind's Land, young doctors only just entering the field, struggle to balance their personnel lives with work, but fate doesn't plan on making that very easy for them.
  • Medical Building
    Nima is a psychologist who got his degree online from a university in Africa. He rents an office in a medical building where his colleagues don’t accept him as a real doctor. Even the building’s janitor doesn’t respect him. His current wife, who’s a former patient of his, is obsessively jealous of the fact that his ex-wife works in the same medical building as a psychiatrist. Not exactly an ideal life, and the trials and tribulations he has to deal with often lead to hilarity.
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Medical Building
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  • 09:00:00The Innocent Ones
  • 10:00:00Gold and Copper
  • 11:00:00Gold and Copper
  • 12:00:00Until Being With Sorayya

Weekend Movies

  • From Karkheh to Rhein
    This is the story of a group of war veterans, all suffering the scars of the eight year war between Iran and Iraq. Their ailing health is a constant reminder of the war, and the fact that the world has left them behind. Some stay staunch supporters of the cause, but others find doubt creeping into their hearts.
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