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  • Madineh
    Madineh is the story of a courageous and strong woman who does her best to bring her family back together after losing her husband, Jahan, who leaves a factory to his son, Bahman. Greed leads Bahman and his biological mother, Roohi to take out a loan on interest which forever alters their lives.
  • 3, 5, 2
    Heshmat owns a small fruit store and lives in an old house with his wife, three children and brother-in-law, a simple man happy with his simple life. That is until a long forgotten relative passes away and leaves him a vast inheritance. Despite his hatred of anything having to do with football, and the fact that he know absolutely nothing about the sport, Heshmat decides that buying a football team is the best way to invest his fortune, and modeling the team on the Brazilian national team's 3-5-2 formation will somehow guarantee him success.
  • Dark Intelligence II
    Kamran Booryayi, also known as Jamshid Kazemi, has landed himself in prison after attempting to kidnap a police officer’s son. But it doesn’t take long for this dangerous criminal who is also a computer genius to come up with an elaborate plan and break out prison. This time it’s not only the police that’s trying to hunt Kamran down again. The criminal organization he once worked for now wants him eliminated. Will Kamran be able to outsmart both sides of the law?
  • Light and Shadow
    A narrative by a ghost! What appears to be the perfect residential building turns out to be a graveyard of secrets; dark secrets that have been haunting the residents for a long time. The sudden death of a neighbor is the trigger that makes everything start to unravel. Will they get away with the lies, deception, drugs, and murder?
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Dark Intelligence II
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  • 21:00:00Madineh
  • 22:00:00The Eye of the Sun
  • 23:00:00The Eye of the Sun
  • 00:00:003, 5, 2

Weekend Movies

  • The Eye of the Sun
    The Eye of the Sun tells the story of the eye of a skeleton found in the Burnt City, which is located in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, in the South Eastern part of Iran. The eye of this skeleton is about five thousand years old, and not surprisingly so, it’s worth a lot of money and Sasan, a genius, steals it.
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