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  • Non-Classified
    A retired traffic officer has designed a car that does follow illegal orders by the driver. The car keeps doing what it assumes lawful, so anyone who buys it gets regretted and wants to sell it. When Nader, a sweet and naïve young man, gets involved with the car and car owner, he falls into a series of adventures.
  • Reyhaneh
    Reyhaneh’s life changes when she is told that the people who brought her up were not her real parents. Her parents manage a carpet-weaving workshop and she is also told that her grandmother has a rug which can lead her to find out more about her past, but the rug is stolen. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg as Reyhaneh’s reluctant aunt reveals the story of her parents.
  • The Wall
    Jamil is an ex-con who was arrested by his brother-in-law, Younes. Soon to be released from prison, fueled by his thirst for revenge and hopeful to reunite with his daughter after 15 years behind bars, nothing will stop him to get what he wants. But Younes stands in his way and promises to make him pay if he breaks the law again. Among all the tensions, Jamil and Younes agree on marriage of their daughter and son. Will Jamil succeed in his attempts to seek the revenge or will he pay a high price?
  • Where to in Such a Hurry?
    Hatef has had a grudge against his brother-in-law, the wealthy Fereydoun, for a long time. Years ago when he was working for Fereydoun, Hatef managed to convince his family to allow the old widower to marry his sister even though she was half his age. Now that Hatef's father has passed away, it brings the family back together. But it also rekindles old wounds. And it creates another problem for Hatef, whose son is infatuated with Fereydoun's wealth and success, and wants to work for him despite his father’s will.
  • The Lady
    A mysterious man calling himself the Steward shows up in town with money from an anonymous donor whom he calls the Lady to buy a garden and turn it into a charitable hospital. It turns out the garden the Lady has in mind was the property of a man who has been dead for 20 years – a man who was her husband. The Lady was banished and driven out of town all those years ago for allegedly driving her husband to commit suicide. Now she is back and she wants revenge against those that she says unjustly ruined her life and deprived her of being with her son, who does not even know that she is alive.
  • Until Being with Sorayya
    ‘Until Being with Sorayya’ is the story of a woman, Sorayya, who lost her husband fifteen years ago. She works at a hospital where she nurses one of her patients, a retired colonel, back to health and marries him in secret. Sorayya is persuaded into giving the colonel’s son money in return for a monthly share of the profit he makes; unaware of the fact that the money will soon turn her dearest into her enemies.
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Until Being with Sorayya
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