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  • A House without a Bird
    For thirty years, Abbas and his wife have been looking for their daughter who they lost during the war. When they take out a new ad for a missing person in the newspaper, a young lady shows up claiming to be their long-lost daughter. A DNA test confirms that she is indeed Abbas’s daughter, bringing joy to their lives. But the new discovery also threatens to reveal a deep dark secret that Abbas has been hiding all these years which could tear their family apart.
  • Haft-Seen
    It’s near the new-year holidays and an apartment is about to change hands from one tenant to the next when an accident for the landlord leaves both families claiming rights to the apartment. With nowhere else to live, these two very different families have to learn to get along and live in the same house while trying to resolve the problem.
  • The Sound of Rain
    Taha’s a successful businessman and a widower living with his five year old daughter. On a business trip to Turkey, he gets framed for smuggling drugs and sentenced to life in prison, so he entrusts everything he’s got, including his daughter, to his nephew. After twenty years, Taha gets released and comes back home, but things aren’t exactly as he’d left them, and he soon realizes he may have put his trust in the wrong people.
  • Zero Degree Turn
    A young Iranian man travels to Paris to study. There, he meets and falls in love with a young Jewish woman. But when World War Two breaks out, he's forced to return home and helps smuggle the woman and her mother back to Iran to save them from the Nazis who've occupied France. With Iran itself occupied by foreign forces, the young man helps launch a newspaper focused on preserving and promoting the country's heritage and culture, as political intrigues threaten to destroy everything he holds dear.
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The Empty House
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  • 18:00:00A House without a Bird
  • 19:00:00Haft-Seen
  • 20:00:00The Sound of Rain
  • 21:00:00Zero Degree Turn

Weekend Movies

  • Twenty
    When Mr. Soleimani decides to sell his reception hall due to his deteriorating mental health, his employees have only twenty days to make him change his mind. Mr. Soleimani’s handful of extremely poor employees each have a story to tell and see working at the hall as the only way to save themselves from destitution. Their touching stories put Mr. Soleimani at a crossroads; should he save himself or the people who’ve spent years working for him?
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