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  • The Tenth Night
    Heidar loses a bet which requires him to steal some items from the mansion of a princess of the previous Qajar dynasty who've been overthrown by the new ruler, Reza Pahlavi. When Heidar meets the princess, he falls in love with her and brazenly asks for her hand in marriage. In order to get rid of him, she sets a condition which she's sure he'll refuse. She tells Heidar that he has to organize and perform in a passion play that's been banned by the Pahlavi regime. It's called Ta'zieh, and it's the story of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his companions. Heidar throws caution to the wind and accepts the challenge, getting himself into more trouble than he may be able to handle.
  • Under the Vestibule
    Ata and his fiancé make plans to rob her father’s jewelry store. Ata goes through with it, but when he gets caught, his fiancé abandons him and marries another man. Now Ata is stuck in prison and looking at even more time because he’s being accused of stealing some diamonds which he never did.
  • The Green Journey
    A Christian couple come to Iran from Germany and take an orphan boy back with them. But when Daneil finds out where he came from after his foster parents both die, he decides to come back to Iran to find his real parents.
  • Reyhaneh
    Reyhaneh’s life changes when she’s told that the people who brought her up weren't her real parents. She’s also told that her grandmother has a rug which can lead her to find out more about her past, but the rug is stolen. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as Reyhaneh’s reluctant aunt reveals the story of her parents…
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  • 13:00:00The Tenth Night
  • 14:00:00Under the Vestibule
  • 15:00:00The Green Journey
  • 16:00:00While Everyone Was Asleep

Weekend Movies

  • Mandatory Addiction
    Kamal wants to get married but he doesn't have any money. Despite being strapped for cash he goes on a proposal ceremony and asks for Mehree's hand in marriage. Her brothers expect him to splurge on their only sister, so Kamal has to make some money, and fast.
  • Zero Hour
    Zero Hour is an action thriller involving a notorious terrorist group, who are trying to blow up oil refineries to create chaos in the country, and the security forces who are trying to foil their plans.
  • White Umbrella
    The White Umbrella tells the story of a writer who’s stuck in a quagmire of cliché thoughts and ideals. The only way he knows to save himself from this seemingly useless life he’s living is by ignoring what he believes are the social ills he encounters on a daily basis. But along the way, he becomes part of the social ills. Will he be able to save himself or will he go down deeper in the swamp?
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