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  • Cold Fever
    Shahab Kianfar is a man on the verge of bankruptcy, despised by his father-in-law. He desperately needs to pull himself out of the situation. When he realizes no other choice is available than to trick his nearest and dearest, he makes a plot that he thinks can surely extricate him from his distressing problem. But before he even sets his plans into motion, he finds himself drowning in a horrific series of events he had not anticipated; events that might eventually destroy what’s left of himself and his broken family.
  • The Window
    Pouya, is an extremely talented student who’s preparing for a major international math competition. However, the loss of his only brother deals him a big blow. Down and disappointed, he makes friends with Afshin, a drug addict. That turns into a source of tension between Pouya and his parents. On the other hand, Fariborz, the villain of the story, is pushing for Pouya’s downfall because he thinks Pouya revealed his fraud at his father’s company and caused his dismissal. Fariborz decides to retaliate. He uses everything at his disposal to tarnish Pouya’s image, taking advantage of Afshin’s drug abuse.
  • House of Outsiders
    Right after World War I, Britain schemed to turn Iran to another colony of its own. This is the true story of how the British government plotted the overthrow of the last Qajar King Ahmad Shah to replace him with the tyrant Cossack officer Reza Khan. The story begins in 1917 when Iranian government signs the 1919 contract. Seyyed Hassan Modarres protests the contract leading to a wave of objections and finally the government is forced to agree with cancellation of the contract.
  • Shams-ol-Emareh
    ‘Shams-ol-Emareh’ tells the story of Leila whose father passes away which landed her on an impressive inheritance – a family mansion called Shams-ol-Emareh. But there is just one condition – she has to get married first. That might not be a problem for most other girls, but Leila has always presented herself as an independent woman with no interest in ever getting married. Now she’s faced with a tough choice. Will she forego everything she believes in so she can get the mansion, or will she stick to her guns and remain single?
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Mr. Two-Faced
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  • 01:00:00The Window
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