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  • The Forbidden Fruit
    The Forbidden Fruit is a story about a strictly religious businessman whose faith is questioned after he meets a young girl who’s in desperate need of his help. His once perfect life crumbles in front of his eyes as he realizes the hypocrisy that’s threatening his reputation, faith and family.
  • Confidant
    Siyavash is a former thief who’s spent the last five years of his life reminiscing about the jewelry he and his friend stole from a jewelry store. He’s just got out of prison and is off to find the jewelry his friend hid in a mass land; his world turns upside down when he sees a mosque has been built on that land. He pretends to be an innocent worshiper who’s made a vow to God to serve in the mosque to look for the jewelry with his new friend “his gold detector”, life takes a whole new and different toll for Siyavash as he looks for the jewelry.
  • The Long Path
    A caring and hardworking father can’t earn enough to meet the demands of his children. He is under constant pressure when he is offered to take responsibility for a car accident in return for a large sum of money. In his desperation he accepts the offer but when the police regard the case as murder, he realizes he’s gotten into more than he bargained for.
  • The Spiritualists
    The series 'The Spiritualists' bears a conscious analogy to a number of stories in the Qur'an. The story revolves around the two families of two brothers, Khalil and Jalil, who are different in almost every way possible; one brother being a 'spiritualist' and the other who rejects his brother's faith with a vengeance. The very close relationship between Dina and her grand-father, Khalil is one very unique and their deep religious beliefs help them stand all sorts of trials and tribulations. Both brothers have sons who they are not proud of and these sons cause problems which nearly cause the death of members of both families.
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The Spiritualists
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  • A Decent Ceremony
    Being the only breadwinner in the family isn’t easy. Masoud, a young man struggles hard to hold a decent wedding proposal ceremony for his sister, Maideh. He faces an intricate challenge once he takes a look at the worn-out rug in his house. He makes a risky decision to make the house look nice and neat for the ceremony. But he is unaware of how jealousy can ruin his career.
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