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  • Passing Through the Fall
    Passing Through the Fall is the story of a wealthy but arrogant businessman and his family including three daughters and sons-in-law. Farrokh Kamyab plans to retire and transfer his wealth to his daughters but with some conditions that he’s set for them. However, things don’t go as Kamyab has planned and secrets from his past make him pay a heavy price.
  • The Redemption
    The Redemption tells the story of hatred, revenge, betrayal and greed. Parviz Shayeste’ is a man who’s lost eight billion tomans of other people’s money but blames it all on his employee, Ahmad Reza. Ahmad Reza is now missing and when his wife, Khojaste’ comes to Tehran to look for him, she refuses to believe that her beloved husband could be capable of doing such a thing. She meticulously follows up on every single lead to try to prove that her husband’s innocent. As the story unfolds, Khojaste’ finds herself in the middle of a vicious game which now threatens her own life and those close to her.
  • Madness of Love
    This is the story of two young people struck down in their prime; one by sickness and the other by a bad marriage. Taha and Leyla have fallen for each other, but Leyla is soon to find out, that the man she loves, has more than a sick heart to overcome before he can become hers.
  • Operation 125 (2)
    In Operation 125 we meet a group of young men, all from different walks of life with their own trials and tribulations, but all with one goal in mind, to become firefighters. Family and finances test their resolve, but they're determined to make it work.
  • The Men of Angelos
    This is the story of a group of men deeply troubled by the way their faith is being tainted by false beliefs and the spread of atheism. It is an age in which the faithful are going astray. They try to use their influence to change things, but in the end the men of Angelos are forced to flee rather than surrender to tyranny. They take refuge in a cave outside town, only to awaken in an entirely different era.
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Operation 125 (2)
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  • 10:00:00Buried Treasure
  • 11:00:00Buried Treasure
  • 12:00:00Passing Through the Fall
  • 13:00:00The Redemption

Weekend Movies

  • The Story of Me and My Dad's Bicycle
    The film narrates the story of a teenager who's lost his father and his mother now makes a living by sewing clothes at home. The boy delivers the clothes with an old bike he’s inherited from his father. His classmates tease him for getting late every day. Meanwhile, he decides to take part in a bicycle race held by the school hoping to win a new bicycle.
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